Friday, February 25, 2011

what shall i say


my very first birthday wishlist ialah <---- *maaf, ini kerana terlalu gembira* ouh wait. tak de intro pun kan. choyy, ape la yana. okay2, fine. since, march is just around the corner, so im looking forward for, um, aaa, huuu, what to say eyh, how to say eyh haha, itu minta pelempang kan. okay dah, shut up hasliyana.

"she's looking forward for her 21st birthday yo!" somebody answered.

hey, thanx to that sombedy, im just toooooooooooooooooo malu-malu lahhhhhh hihihi. so nexttttttttttt!

"a picture's worth a thousand words"
haha. you're gonna say, "you're funnayyyyy nannnaaaayyyy" ya, that's right. okay bye!


  1. sory i cant afford to buy one for me. apatah lagi untuk awak. haha.
    tapi i'll try my best to give something-u-have-mention-before.

    p/s: tapi bila taktau. lol.

  2. ouch caca! that's so sweet of youuu :') it's okayyy, the one that i've mentioned before masih lagi boleh kannnn, hihi, btw, there's few more, coming up next! :D